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Hi~! do you know when is Myka's birthday? :)

I don’t. I’m not even sure it’s ever been said. Anyone know?

Get to know: Joanne Kelly

Don't Blink Clip


Joanne Kelly & Eddie McClintock Warehouse 13 Saturday Panel Sydney Oz Comic Con

Don't Blink - Check out the latest 'Dont Blink' clip!!


These are my favourite photo’s that I got of Joanne from the 3rd day’s (31/08/14) panel at Dragon Con :)

We were a bit further back this time so I kinda struggled getting decent photos (because she’s just like Eddie and doesn’t seem to stop moving :’) and the zoom made my camera harder to steady so yeah…) but I hope y’all like these ones! I know I do <3

Joanne was as awesome as ever and I will eventually post a write up. I swear!